Easy Web Design Using Templates

In the last decade, the art of web design has evolved with the availability of newer technologies. Compared to the early days of the Internet, prices have come down, and the interactivity of web sites has improved with the development of Web 2.0, Adobe Flash and AJAX. It is now so much easier to set up a web site with full CMS capabilities, a simple blog and needless to say, a corporate website.

Over the years, I have come across many clients who wanted a simple corporate website with RSS feeds and a simple newsletter subscription function. But before all the technical complexities and mumbo-jumbos of functionality, what they talk about first is usually the look-and-feel of the site. There were times when the clients wanted something simple, low cost and quick-to-build. That is when I pointed them to websites that sell web design templates online, where they can select the design they want from a large collection of designs by different designers. Many of my clients have been amazed at the availability and low cost, compared to hiring of a dedicated web designer to help them. Of course, selection of a template is half the battle won, as the choice is closely linked to the backend CMS (if there is one), and some customization is usually required from project to project.

For an idea on the type of templates that may be of interest to you, you can check it out here.

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